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MKW-ANA Change Log


1.   Current working copy (not released)

 - Bug fix: Ethernet headers with additional VPN tag are detected now.

 - General LE-CODE support.

 - Auto detection of used online protocol: LE-CODE or standard/CT-CODE.

 - Options --ctcode and --lecode (new) accept keywords DISABLE, OFF, ON and
   FORCE to control CT-CODE and LE-CODE moduses. DISABLE and FORCE disable
   auto detection of used online protocol.

 - New backend commands LE-CODE and CT-CODE override settings of options
   --ctcode and --lecode.

 - New keywords for option --log-mode: ID-SELECT and LE-CODE.

2.   mkw-ana v1.15 r2787 - 2017-08-21

 - Backend command +WIIMMFI½ improved. Try +WATCH WIIMMFI½.

 - \wiimmfi\: New data about inactive clients scanned and used.

 - New frontend command: BACKEND:
   The frontend works like an interactive backend connection. (EXPERIMENTAL)

 - Different minor updates.

 - Windows only: Cygwin update to v2.8.1, 2017-07-03.

3.   mkw-ana v1.14 r2631 - 2016-12-08

 - Detection of GPCM \wiimmfi\...\final\ packets.
    - The statistics table is only available at the backend yet.
    - Backend command is +WIIMMFI½. Try +WATCH WIIMMFI½.
    - Update of peer-connection flags.

 - Bug fix: Command FLOWRATES failed sometimes.

 - Bug fix: Better detection of invalid STATUS packages. A warning is printed.

 - New option: --warn-mode=LIST: Define, which warnings are enabled:
    - LENGTH  :  Racing records with wrong length.
    - XLENGTH :  Like RACE but be more verbose.
    - STATUS  :  Invalid STATUS records.
    - EVENT   :  Unknown event found.
    - ALL and NONE are also possible.

 - Command SILENT is now silent again. It also disables all warnings.

4.   mkw-ana v1.13 r2557 - 2016-09-24

 - Command IP improved. The IPv4 is printed in A, B and C-class notation now.
   If option --brief is set twice, print only the raw decimal number and the
   C-class notation and suppress extra spaces needed for a table layout.

 - New command KEYS: Test for TERMCAP based key-press detection.

 - New backend command USERS: Print statistics about all users.

 - Records of STATUS-06 are decoded now.

 - Optimized handling of GPCM stream: GPCM data is now really handled as stream
   and split into multiple records and only compelte records are analysed.

 - Detection of GPCM \wiimmfi\...\final\ packets.
    - New log modus: GWIIMMFI (GPCM-WIIMMFI)
    - New record type: GWIM
    - STATUS messages are decoded to will the internal WIIMMFI database.
    - New command WIIMMFI (command line and backend):
      Print the content of the WIIMMFI database.
    - Command USERS uses the WIIMMFI DB to print more infos.
    - The slot info table uses the WIIMMFI DB to print region and name.
   These new information does NOT go into the standard statistics yet!

5.   mkw-ana v1.12 r2521 - 2016-08-05

 - Bug fix: Grand Prix tables are printed again.

 - Log message for MKW-Fun options:
    - Number of GP races.
    - Host selects tracks.
    - Only bikes or karts.
    - Dragable spiny shell.

 - Support of 1 to 10 races for each GP.

 - GP points between 100 and 999 are printed as decimal numbers. In this case
   the field width will be extended from 2 to 3 characters.

 - New command IP: Print a line for each parameter with the scanned IPv4
   address as decimal number, hexadecimal number and in dot notation.

 - New options: --tcp and --udp: Force TCP/IP or UDP/IP connections to the
   JOB server. Usually the JOB server is connected using UDP/IP. The TCP/IP
   is new and experimental.

6.   mkw-ana v1.11 r2500 - 2016-06-26

 - The extended MKW-Fun packets on event start are recognized and accepted
   without notice (no more warnings). A data evaluation is not done yet.

 - Support of 10 races in each GP. Background: MKW-Fun allows the host to
   select 1-10 races for a Grand Prix.

7.   mkw-ana v1.10 r2488 - 2016-04-08

 - Binary BMG files (Nintendos format) are accepted as input too.

 - New backend command: SAVE-BMG: Save current strings as BMG file.

 - New backend command: SHOW-BMG: Show current strings as BMG text file.

 - New backend command: WATCH: Execute commands periodically.

 - 3 new modes for option --log-mode:
    - R-MASTER: Print a summary for each MASTER record.
    - R-NATNEG: Print a summary for each NATNEG record.
    - R-STATUS: Print a summary for each STATUS record.
   Modus 'RECORD' is a short cut for all 3 record modes.

 - Many small improvements in layout and handling.

8.   mkw-ana v1.09 r2445 - 2015-11-27

 - Option --log-pos=file: To identify a second player at the same Wii, the new
   column 'slot' was added and the suffix '.2' is appended to the friend code.

 - Options --cmd=addr and --distribute=addr: New algorithm to determine the
   socket type (UNIX/FILE or TCP/IP) of the address parameters.

 - Bug fix for --distribute: Client files are closed now on disconnect.

 - New option: --auto-term=time: Terminate mkw-ana if no client is connected
   for TIME seconds (related to --cmd and --distribute).

 - New options: --ignore-int --ignore-hup: Ignore the signals INT and/or HUP.

 - New option: --ignore: Ignore non existend and empty source dump files and
   print only a warning. If set twice, suppress the warning too.

 - New backend command: LOAD-BMG: Load a new BMG file.

 - New backend command: FILES: List all open files.

 - mkw-ana can read dumps from Unix (old) and TCP/IP (new) sockets now. Prefix
   TCP/IP addresses by 'tcp:' (any case).

9.   mkw-ana v1.08 r2392 - 2015-09-05

 - New option: --log-pos=file: Create a special log file and write racing
   records with timer, position, speed and direction for further analysis.

 - Better region detection and logging.

 - New option --distrib=socket: Open a socket (TCP or unix) in listen modus
   to distribute incoming dump packets directly to other processes.

 - New command: LIST ITEMS: Print a list of itmes and abbreviations.

 - mkw-ana can read dumps from unix sockets now.

10.   mkw-ana v1.07 r2344 - 2015-08-04

 - Command FC supports now reverse NDS checksums: The digits of the friend code
   are printed in reverse order. Some games like "Dr. Mario" use it.

 - Backend server improved.

 - New info system about glitching. 19 different glitches are detected.

 - New option: --glitch=ban,info: Define 2 levels, the first for automatic
   bans because of glitching and the optional second to print log infos about
   glitching. Only Wiimmfi moderators are able to ban!

 - New option: --item-cheat=level: Define a level for automatic bans because
   of using item cheats. Only Wiimmfi moderators are able to ban!

 - New option: --time-cheat=time: Define a minimal bonus time for automatic
   bans if a time cheat is detected.

 - New option: --auto-ban=list: Simple interface to enable automatic bans with

 - SUMMARY: The current mkw-ana detects following cheats and glitches:
    - Using of 19 different glitches is checked.
    - Many item cheats are detected. Because of to less packets false
      positives are possible. But if really an item cheat is used, the item
      cheat counter goes >4 in a race.
    - Instant drift is detected. A relative rate is used as trigger to avoid
      false positives.
    - Moving around before race start is detected.
    - Enabling an item before race start is detected.
    - Manipulation of finish time is detected.

11.   mkw-ana v1.06 r2302 - 2015-07-21

 - mkw-ana has now its own backend server. The communication goes over TCP/IP
   or unix sockets:
    - The server is activated by option --cmd ADDR:PORT or --cmd unix:FILE.
    - The backend server supports up to 3 coexistent sockets.
    - The server supports telnet negotiation. An active client or the command
      INTERACTIVE enables full telnet support. Also typing RETURN as very first
      character enables telnet negotiation.
    - The telnet interface supports line editing with command history support
      and a status line. It shows always the current scanning status.
    - Option --history loads and stores a command history.
    - Option --wait tells mkw-ana to not terminate and to wait for more
    - Option --exec defines commands, that are executed by a virtual backend
      connection in non-interactive modus after setup.
    - Try --cmd=0 and "telnet 12000" for an interactive session.
    - Try --cmd=0 and "echo command | ncat" for jobs.
    - Command TRACKS prints the track names of selected races.
    - Commands TABLES, FINISH, GRANDPRIX and TOTALS print the status tables
      for selected races. The table layout can be modified for the client only
      or for the main program (=default for new clients).
    - Commands SUSPEND and CONTINUE allow small step analysis of the dump.
    - Commands KEYS informs about commands key mapping for line editing and for
      the pager.
    - Commands HELP informs about all available commands and options.

 - The warnings about manipulated packets has a new layout. The client IP is
   always printed now. This is important if no user data is found.

 - Some packets like cheated lightnings are repeated by other clients. The old
   version of mkw-ana reported this wrongly as cheat by the carrier.

12.   mkw-ana v1.05 r2220 - 2015-07-04

 - Bug fix: Under some condition the proxy client instead the original
   sender is assigned to a slot named by the racing data.

 - New modes for --print and --table: DRIVER, VEHICLE and COMBI. COMBI
   combines driver and vehicle into 9 characters of format 'driv,vehi'.

 - Option --table supports now the statistics tables STARTER, FINISH,

 - New option --tfile=file: Read the table definitions from a file.

 - New command: TABLES: Print out table columns with usage comments and/or a
   complete column description. The output can be edited and used as private 
   table setup and is compatible with the input format of option {--tfile}.

 - More messages adapted to the new message system (with scroll region).

 - The CRC32 checksums for data packets are calculated and compared.
   A warning is printed on failure.

 - Overall, the layout of command RACE is renewed.