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mkw-ana colors

Ignore all parameters and print colored text for testing.


1.   Syntax

mkw-ana COLORS

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--color [=modus] Define the modus for colored text output. Allowed keywords are: OFF or NO-COLORS to disable colors, AUTO (default) for automatic detection, ON for automatic detection but never OFF, 8-COLORS or 256-COLORS to force 8 and 256 color support. Without parameter, ON is used.

AUTO will enable colorized output only for terminals. AUTO and ON use environment variable TERM to find the correct color modus.

If a command is prefixed by 'C-', then --color=ON is used implicitly as default.

--256-colors Short cut for --color=256-colors: Force colorized text with 256 color support.
--no-color Short cut for --color=off: Deactivate colorized text. This is the default, if an output file is not a terminal.
--bash Force output in bash syntax.
--fphp Force output in php syntax.
-l --long Print also a list of all colored text types. If set twice, include alternative names. If set three times, include raw color names.