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mkw-ana points

Print a table with the points assigned to player after a versus or room race.


1.   Syntax

mkw-ana POINTS

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--points list Create a new table with points. These points are assigned to players after a versus or room race. A later --bmg containing a 3FF0 message may override this new table.

The parameter is a blank or comma and slash (next row) separated list with numbers (points) between 0 and 255 and the following keywords: NINTENDO, LINEAR, WIN, WIN15, WIN25 to select a predefined table; NO-BONUS, BONUS, NULL, ONE as options; N1..N12 to select the row for N players.

--bmg file Read a BMG file to scan online chat messages, versus points and names for tracks, drivers and vehicles. It also disables the auto load of BMG files. Multiple usage is possible.
-b --brief Print the table as comma separated lists in C notation.
-l --long Append a string in --points format that defines the table. If set twice, append up to 3 strings in different modes.