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mkw-ana tables

For each table name (see option --table), print the table definition that reflects the current settings. The special name LIST prints a list with all columns names. Without any name, the settings of all known tables and LIST are printed. The output can be read by option --tfile.


1.   Syntax

mkw-ana TABLE [name]...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
-b --brief Print each table definition in a compact format without comments. If set twice, print each table definition in exact 1 line.
-l --long Append a list of all supported but unused keywords behind the table definition as comment. If set twice, print always a complete list of supported columns. Option --long is ignored if option --brief is set.
-v --verbose If set, print also the current definiton for PRINT (option --print). If set twice, then print also the definitions for temporary tables 0 to 9.
-P --print list Define the columns for table RACE. A comma separated list of keywords is expected: SLOT, RANK, XTIME=TIME+DELAY+LAST, POS=XPOS+YPOS+ZPOS, DIR, SPEED=3SPEED+HSPEED, STATUS, DRIFT=DCOUNT+DCHEAT, XDRIFT=DRIFT+DMINTIME, ITEM=ICHEAT+ICOUNT+ISUMMARY, CHEAT=DCHEAT+ICHEAT DRIVER, VEHICLE, COMBI, TEAM, PID, FC, WHO=MINIFC+NAME. Also available: NONE, MIN, DEFAULT, MAX, ALL. If the very first character is either '+' or '-', then the current settings are modified and not reset.

The new option --table overrides this option, but allows to integrate the columns defined by --print.

--tables name=list [;name=list]... If printing table NAME, then print only the specified columns in the entered order. The table name is one of RACE, TEAM, BALLOON, COIN, STARTER, FINISH, GRANDPRIX or TOTALS. Also the tables 0 to 9 are availabe for temporary purposes (kind of macros). If table RACE is set, then option --print is ignored (but see below). If TEAM, BALLOON or COIN is not set, then the definition of the successor is used.

For the column definition a comma or blank separated list of keywords is expected. Type 'mkw-ana tables list' for a list of all columns and all multi column aliases. If a table doesn't support a column, it is simply ignored.

Each keyword can be prefixed by '-' to remove this column, or by '+' to add the column only, if not already included, or by '=' to remove this column and then add it again. To replace an element use %SEARCH=REPLACE. The comma before plus, minus, equal or percent can be omitted.

Instead of a column name, a point followed by a table name can be used ('.race' for example). Then all colums of the table are inserted or removed. The name .PRINT inserts or removes the columns defined by option --print and the name .DEFAULT the default settings for the table. The name .ALL inserts all possible columns. Self referencing and hence definitions in steps are possible.

Option »--table} can be used multiple times. Theimpact is the same as separting the parameters by a semicolon. Command {TABLES --brief« helps to develop good lists and the special column name DEBUG prints a column list after the table assignment.

--tfile file Read the arguments for option --table from a file: The hash sign ('#') starts a comment until end of line. Empty lines are ignored. A table definition can be spread over multiple lines and ends always with a semicolon or end of file. The output of command TABLES is compatible with this option.