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mkw-ana help

Print help for commands and options.

The first variant (with keyword OPT or OPTION) prints a list of all global and command specific options. If at least one option is set, only infos about the declared options are printed. The second variant (with keyword CMD or COMMAND) prints an overview about all commands. The third variant (with a valid command name) prints details about the declared command. The fourth variant prints an overview about all commands and all global options.


1.   Syntax

mkw-ana HELP [--width=wd] [-b] OPT|OPTION [option]...
mkw-ana HELP [--width=wd] [-b] CMD|COMMAND ...
mkw-ana HELP [--width=wd] [-b] command ...
mkw-ana HELP [--width=wd] [-b] ...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--width width Define the terminal width (number of columns) for help and some other messages and disable the automatic detection.
-b --brief Suppress the tool header.