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mkw-ana friendcodes

Calculate friend codes and profile ids. For each scanned parameter a line with a decimal friend code (FC), a hexadecimal friend code, a decimal profile ID (PID), game ID and game name is printed.

Various formats are accepted as input. For a PID the FC of the current game (see option --gid) is calculated. For a FC, a list with all matching games is printed.


1.   Syntax

mkw-ana FRIENDCODES param...

2.   Options

Option Param Description
--gid game_id Define the game ID for friend code calculations. Up to 4 characters of the parameter replace the default value RMCJ (Mario Kart Wii). If set, the PID for a given FC is calculated for exact this game id only and the list mode is deactivated.
--cmode mode Define a checksum mode for friend code calculations and disable automatic selection. Possible keywords are NDS, WII and AUTO. The special keyword ALL enables an iteration of all modes.
-b --brief If set, then print only one line for each code and mode, combination even if the code is valid for 2 or more games. If set twice, suppress additionally the table header.
-l --long Repeat the numeric parts at continuation lines.
--gimport file Read game ID4 and names from the file and mix it with already defined games. A definiton will first removes all games with the same ID3. Then the new ID4 definitons are added.

Use this option multiple times to load more than 1 file. If the filename is '0', the internal list is cleared and auto loading (see below) is disabled. For syntax and semantic see option --gexport.

At program start one of /usr/local/share/mkw-ana/games.txt or /usr/share/mkw-ana/gameid.txt is loaded. In a second step, share/mkw-ana.gameid,txt or mkw-ana.gameid.txt relative to the program path is loaded. In a third step, ~/.mkw-ana/games.txt is loaded.

--gexport file Write the internal list with game id4 and names to an external file after all --gimport options are processed. The new file contains also a comment section about the syntax and semantic. If --brief is set, this comment is suppresses. If --brief is set twice, the output is printed in C as support for the internal game list.